Basic Tweening - Tweening Position

Tweening is one of the handier functions of Ulead GIF Animator 5. "Tweening" is creating or updating the frames "in between" two main frames. You can tween one object to move it across your canvas, or tween the transparency of an object to make it appear to fade in and out. Or both at the same time...

In this tutorial, we will take a basic image, add another object and make it zoom across the canvas.

We will start with this image UFO and finish with something like the one below:

 Finished Animation

Let's get busy...

To start, save the image of the UFO to your hard drive.

Open Ulead GIF Animator 5. Click the Open icon Open icon and open the UFO gif that you saved on your computer.

Let's change the canvas size. Click "Edit" then select "Canvas Size..." Set the value to 240 x 60 or so. Leave "Keep aspect ratio" unchecked, and select the sizing reference at middle left as show in the screen shot below. Click OK.

Canvas Size dialog box

A background would be nice, so you can either make one or add an image you already have. For this tutorial we'll make an easy one.

Insert black objectClick the "Insert a blank object" button on the Object Manager. Then go to the Tool Panel and click the Foreground color and select black, or whatever color you would like for the background. I chose a dark color, as the UFO gif has little black edges on it, so looks better on black. Now select the Fill tool, and click on the workspace. You will now have to move the background to the bottom of the Object Manager, as it will be covering the UFO.

click n drag to move

workspaceNow select the UFO in the Object Manager. Select the Pick tool Pick Tool and check "Move active object(s) only." Position the UFO just off the screen on the left side. Note the dashed line at the left of the canvas shows the right edge of the UFO object.

Important Step: Frame Properties. On the Frame Panel, right-click on Frame 1, and then left-click on "Frame Properties." Set them to Frame Delay of 10, Removal Method of Smart, and then click OK. The original UFO image we opened was saved with other software (IrfanView), so we must always check the frame properties and change them if needed. In this case, the delay was 0 and removal method was "Web browser decides." That removal method can result in undesired behaviour in some web browsers.

Frame Properties

Duplicate Frame buttonNext, click the "Duplicate Frame" button on the Frame Panel. Frame 2 should be showing as selected. With the Pick tool, click and drag the UFO so it's just off the screen to the right.

click and drag UFO object

Now we will use that lovely Tween button tween button on the bottom of the Frame Panel. Make sure that the Object Manager still shows just the UFO object, and no others. When you click the Tween button, a dialog box will appear. We must set the start frame as 1, and the end frame as 2. We will need to use "Insert frames" as our frame generation method. We'll try 18 frames, with a frame delay of 10.

 Tween dialog, Frame Tween dialog, Objects

Click the "Objects" tab and select "Currently selected objects" and "Position." Now click "OK" to set the tweening in motion.

Now time to Optimize and save our animation. Click the Optimize tab in the workspace and find the settings you want. I used Photo 256 for mine. Fewer colors would be okay, too.

Finshed animation

Here's another example of what can be done with tweening. In this animation, tweening is used twice - entry from the left, and after a pause, an angled ascent.

UFO flying over city

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned something from it. Happy Animating!

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