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All about that Viking guy...

Me and the Viking statue in Gimli MB

Who is "Viking," you ask? Let's see...

The nickname came about originally on an MSN Groups site (one about GIF animation, of course). You need a nickname to be known by on those sites, so after some straining of the brain I chose "Viking." Why the nickname "Viking?" Well, my paternal grandfather came from Sweden, and his wife was from Norway. A good chunk of Nordic blood there. And on my mother's side, that's mostly from all over the British Isles with a hint of German and French. And we know the Vikings were running around there!

My interest in animation came about from surfing the web. I though all those neat little animated gif files were cool, and it would sure be neat to edit some and make my own. A wee bit of surfing later led me to a site featuring Ulead GIF Animator 4. I downloaded the trial, installed it, and started fiddling around with it. Well, it didn't take long to decide to buy the full version. Maybe a couple hours...

I eventually discovered there was a version 5 out there for Ulead's GIF Animator. Bought the upgrade and installed that, too. It was so different from 4 that I didn't use it much at first. But after I took a good look at what it could do, well... Been hooked ever since! It also worked nicely with Adobe's PhotoDeluxe Business Edition 1.0 that came with the old used PC I had at the time...

It didn't take me long to explore pretty much every facet of GA 5. A fellow GIF-making acquaintance on the internet was impressed by my knowledge and inspired me to write a tutorial on GA 5 (Ulead GIF Animator 5 Basics). Thus this site was born.

Presently I am moderator of the Web Utilities forum at the Corel User To User Web Board (formerly the Ulead User To User Web Board). For quite some time I was moderator/co-moderator of the Animation Station forum at the PhotoImpact International bulletin board, but I have stepped down from that for personal reasons.

Now for the boring background info...

I was born and raised in a very small town in the province of Saskatchewan. In a part of Saskatchewan that's not flat. (I'm sure Canadians will get the joke...) I lived in Saskatchewan until 1981, when I moved to Manitoba, the next province over to the East. I traded dry heat for humidity, and grasshoppers for mosquitoes. Not sure that was a good idea, but too late now. While I still have a soft spot for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are now my team. The Riders have won a few Grey Cups lately. It's the Bombers' turn!

You could say I was a geek from an early age... I was one of those weird kids that read encyclopaedias because I wanted to. I spent hours reading my parents' "TIME-Life Science and Nature Library" series. I used to make things from "junk" - spaceships, extra things for my GI Joes, toy submachine guns, whatever. And I would spend hours with Lego bricks!

I got my first computer in the early 80's, the old Commodore VIC-20. (I won it in an arcade video game competition, of all things.) It had a whole 5K of RAM, I believe. And so I taught myself programming. Now that was fun! I also ended up with a Radio Shack Color Computer 2 (AKA the Co-Co 2). I still have both of those stashed away in a closet.

After graduating from high school, I ended up taking computer programming, getting a diploma in 1986. BASIC, COBOL, Systems Analysis, Accounting, Database stuff and more. It was so much fun, I couldn't call it work... Then a bunch of other stuff happened. I won't bore anyone with details.

Back to the present...

Customer Support Specialist CertificationMe...By day, Viking works for a large Canadian federal government department. Remote Desktop Support. If something on the computer isn't working, then our group tries to fix it. (I hear we look after some 26,000 people. Glad they don't all put tickets in at once!) I've had other illustrious careers, like gas jockey, pizza delivery guy, restaurant work, and working in a hog-processing plant, to name a few. Tried self-employment once - it was fun for a while, but didn't pay the bills in the long run.

DeneeneThese days, much of my spare time is spent with a very wonderful woman... Deneene. This is the lady I've been looking for all my life! Besides her charm, wit, smarts and numerous other qualities, she's an amazingly talented artist. Breathtaking work... She's also quite handy with doing home renovation things, too.

I could ramble on and on about Deneene for quite a while, but I'll refrain from that - for now. This lady is a keeper for sure!

By night, when Deneene isn't keeping me busy, I can be found on the computer. Fiddling with graphics, surfing various interesting sites, poking around with new software, and once in a while I actually work on this website! Not often enough, though, as there are still a few tutorials I would like to get written and posted here. I also find myself answering others' computer-related questions, via web, email or otherwise.

Home is about 20 minutes from Winnipeg, Manitoba, out in "the sticks." It's quiet, and one can actually see the stars at night, unlike in the city. It's a bit of a drive to work, but the peace and quiet is worth it.

Apparently my personality type is "INTJ." If you're into that sort of thing...

Other stuff I like or like to do, or would like to get back to doing if I could find time:

You have to love high-speed internet access! I don't miss dial-up at all...

Download: 6.7 Mb/s Upload: 0.779 Mb/s

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There, that's enough information to satisfy most of your questions...

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